About Us




Dave Bledsoe was born and raised in Idaho. He has worked in several fields of construction, as well as horseshoeing and training. Although enjoying construction, his first love has always been horses!

In 1999 he graduated from Montana State University School of Horseshoeing. He operated a horseshoeing business in Salmon Idaho. He also started his own colts for resale while helping clients with training and colt starting.

He has continued his education in training horses over the past 20 years. Dave has studied many different styles of training, and many different trainers.  He has reached the conclusion that, ultimately, the best teacher of horsemanship, is the horse.  Dave has now developed his own unique program for developing top quality ranch, performance, and trail horses.

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dave has many years of experience teaching people about the bible, and is an avid student of the bible himself.   He enjoys teaching horsemanship as well and likes to host well known trainers and clinicians at his facility.

Dave has always been known for having a “way” with dogs! He loves helping any dog learn obedience and confidence. Stock dogs are his specialty! He and Neva have built a fine facility and atmosphere for the advanced training of top quality horses and cattle dogs!   Dave says this video is kinda embarrassing, but we think it’s funny! Enjoy!



Neva was born and raised in Idaho as well. She and Dave were married in 1984. Neva has been Dave’s partner in Bledsoe training, horseshoeing, construction, and dog training for the past 31 years. For two decades she focused most of her attention on raising her two amazing children, BriAnna and Dakota. As they will tell you, she is a natural nurturer but tough when she needs to be!

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Neva has had many years of experience teaching people about the Bible. She is a talented and patient teacher. Neva, like Dave, has a special way with dogs. They respond very willingly to her style of training. She specializes in obedience training, offers classes and lessons to the public, and operates a dog grooming service! Oh, and she’s cute to boot!

“The Kids”

BriAnna and Taylor Duff

BriAnna and Taylor live in Twin Falls, Idaho.  They are Jehovah’s Witnesses as well, and are very busy in the Bible teaching work. They love being outdoors and enjoying time with their family.

BriAnna is definitely a people person! She loves everyone and is very generous with her time to help anyone she can.

Taylor enjoys playing the guitar.  He is very talented and we all love to hear him play! They both have a very mild manner and are great at obedience training!

These two are the proud owners of Tess.  Tess was recently a first-time mama and she did great! She had three beautiful puppies and they all sold. BriAnna and Taylor have spent much time training Tess. She has awesome manners and she is starting on stock as well.


Dakota and Teryn Bledsoe

Dakota and Teryn Bledsoe are travelers. They spent the first two years of their marriage in Salmon, Idaho.  They have have spent some of their married life doing volunteer construction work in other parts of the country.  Also, they have spent some time teaching others about the Bible in the country of Mexico.

One of Dakota’s best friends growing up was a black-tri Australian Shepherd by the name of Zeke.  Dakota helped his dad train him. Zeke was an amazing dog his entire life! Dakota is great with all dogs, and he becomes their friend very quickly!

Teryn is really a dog lover! She has waited awhile to find the right one, and hopefully will find him soon.  Teryn also enjoys photography. She has put the photographs and the website together for Bledsoe Training. Enjoy!

Dakota and Teryn